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7 Epic Napa Winery Tours: One For Every Taste

a large stone building with a clock tower in front of a house

Let’s be honest—the Napa Valley needs no introduction. From trained sommeliers to backyard wine aficionados, everyone knows Napa wine, drinks Napa wine and loves Napa wine.

And rightfully so. A delicate balance of soil and climate make the Napa Valley one of the most well-suited destinations across the globe for producing wine grapes. Since vintners discovered the fertile valley in the mid-1800s, Napa Valley wineries have flourished as some of the world’s favorites.

Which is precisely why Napa Valley wine tasting tours are a must-do for anyone in California. Visitor or lifetime resident, tours and tastings at famous Napa Valley wineries are simply a rite of passage.

With over 375 wineries open for tastings and nearly 100 urban tasting rooms, finding a wine tasting in Napa isn’t difficult; choosing one is the hard part.

1. For History Buffs: Chateau Montelena

a group of people walking down a street next to a tree

Established in 1882, Chateau Montelena is one of Napa Valley’s oldest wineries. The property centers around a gorgeous stone castle, draped in ivy with expansive views of the estate vineyards.

Best known for their Chardonnay that won the “Judgment of Paris” in 1976, the Chateau Montelena helped define Napa as one of the world’s premier wine regions. Not to be missed for history lovers, their winery tours dig into the Chateau Montelena past, covering everything from the grounds to the wine production.

Their wine tasting experiences are available by reservation. You’ll be able to tour the historic grounds after the tasting.

2. For Sparkling Wine Lovers: Domaine Chandon

a bench in front of a brick building

The region’s first French-owned winery specializing in sparkling wine, Domaine Chandon is not to be missed for anyone seeking a sparkling wine tasting in Napa Valley. Famous for its wide range of sparkling and still wines, Domaine Chandon offers a wide range of winery tour options.

Ranging from a casual pitstop at the aptly named Bubble Bar to elegant tours featuring wine and food pairings, there’s something for every style here. But if you’re looking for bubbles, the Domaine Chandon wine tour should absolutely top your list.

Following your tour, be sure to plan some time to hang in their gardens. Expertly manicured and oozing with that refined Napa Valley energy, this is an excellent spot to picnic on artisan cheese, local charcuterie and of course, a glass or two of sparkling wine.

3. For A Self-Guided Tour: Beringer Winery

a large stone building with a clock tower in front of a house

One of the oldest and most famous Napa wineries offers a self-guided winery tour, mapped out with scannable QR codes. Non-drinkers and children are welcome to join you on this 30-60 minute experience touring the Beringer Estate, which includes one of the oldest California wine caves and its historic grounds.

With one of the longest histories in all of the Napa Valley, this self-guided tour is perfect for any last-minute visitors, those short on time or wine lovers with family in tow.
You’ll get to explore the nearly 150-year old grounds, including several historic buildings, while sipping a glass of wine of your choosing.

4. For A European Feel: Castello Di Amorosa

a castle with a clock tower

None of the Napa County wineries offer quite as European of a feel as Castello Di Amorosa—site of the only authentic medieval Tuscan castle in all of the United States. Here, the estate is equally as impressive as the wines and selecting a winery tour that showcases both is essential.

Opt for the Diamond Estate Tour & Reserve Wine Tasting to experience the best of Napa Valley wine tours. Not only will you enjoy an intimate, seated tasting of six reserve wines, but you’ll tour the castle grounds and sample a Cabernet Sauvignon directly from the barrel.

The private tour lasts two hours and will leave you feeling entirely immersed in the magic of Napa Valley.

5. For An Iconic Experience: Robert Mondavi Winery

a long row of train station

Napa wine tasting tours wouldn’t be what they are without Robert Mondavi. His vision of California wineries becoming an experience over a place of production has molded modern wine tasting culture into what it is today.

Elements of art and architecture, elaborate estates and detailed wine tastings, food pairings and private events; wineries in Napa have become known to offer so much more than just excellent wine. As such, Robert Mondavi is considered one of the best Napa Valley winery tours for their dedication to delivering a full experience.

You’ll enjoy touring the grounds, viewing the abundance of artwork and hearing about the Mondavi legacy as much as the wine itself.

6. For Film Fans: Francis Ford Coppola Winery

a car parked on the side of a building

Tours of Napa Valley wineries rarely come with quite this much entertainment. Cinematic history collides with excellent wine at the well-loved Francis Ford Coppola winery. The whimsical grounds at this cherished Napa Valley estate offer family-friendly swimming pools and a restaurant, premium wine tastings and of course, an extensive collection of Francis Ford Coppola cinema memorabilia.

This is the kind of winery where you could spend the full day—there’s simply that much to see and do. Pair red wine with a dose of cinema history or sip Sauvignon Blanc over a game of bocce ball in the gardens. But if you’re in any way a fan of the Coppola film collection, this one’s a must-visit.

7. Best Quick Stop: Jam Cellars Tasting Room

a fire place sitting in a room

The gorgeous vineyards in Napa and Sonoma are always worth the visit. But sometimes, you just don’t quite have the time. When that’s the case, head to Downtown Napa, where an abundance of wine tasting rooms offer the Napa experience without the time or travel commitment.

A local favorite is Jam Cellars; where you’ll find their much-celebrated wines paired with an energetic music studio. It’s fun, casual and upbeat, making it the perfect stopover for a quick Napa wine tasting.

Napa Valley Wine Tasting: Picking The Right Spot

The good news? You’ve got some serious options now. The bad news? This is only seven out of hundreds of Napa Valley winery tours and tastings. Finding the perfect one can be overwhelming to say the least. If you only have an afternoon, picking just one or two is a good way to get a taste of the Napa Valley.

If you have more time, we strongly suggest booking a full Napa Valley winery tour that curates a selection of multiple Napa Valley wineries for you to visit. Opt for a food and wine tour, or stick to premium wine tastings at some of Napa’s best wineries.

This way, you’ll be able to sample several of the area’s favorite wineries without worrying about transportation or selecting a spot on your own. Either way, one thing is guaranteed—any Napa wine is a great one.