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San Diego Boat Tours

Experience the best of the coast from the water.

Take in the Views of San Diego Bay

No trip to San Diego would be complete without venturing out to the water and enjoying the maritime wonders the Pacific Coast has to offer.

If you want to take in the views of San Diego Bay and Mission Bay, encounter the local marine wildlife, or enjoy a breathtaking sunset, a San Diego boat tour is a great way to experience the coast and have a blast on the water.


Spend the Day at Sea

So much of life in San Diego takes place on the water. You can’t truly get to know the coast without getting on a boat and letting that ocean breeze blow all your worries away as the views unfold before you. A boat tour allows you to discover historic ships at the Maritime Museum, meet sea lions, go whale watching, see the downtown skyline from the water, witness a once-in-a-lifetime sunset, and so much more.

Did you know that San Diego has the third-largest harbor on the West Coast? If that doesn’t tell you how seriously this city takes the maritime life, here’s one more fun fact: San Diego has the largest man-made aquatic park in the U.S. If you love the ocean, this is the place to be, with its vast expanse of blue water, vibrant wildlife, and amazing views of America’s Finest City.

Your San Diego boat tour can be a relaxing experience, like a romantic sunset cruise with a loved one, or it can be a fun experience for the whole family with a narrated adventure full of interesting facts. If you’re looking to enjoy the abundance of wildlife in the area, you can find amazing tours that take you to see whales, dolphins, sea lions, and more. This is an experience that you won’t forget!

No matter what type of tour you choose, you’re guaranteed stunning views and an experience full of surprises. Check out our San Diego boat tours and book yours online!

Can’t-Miss Spots in San Diego

The crowning jewel of San Diego Bay is the San Diego-Coronado Bridge, known locally as the Coronado Bridge. Its design makes it look as if it’s floating above the water, which makes it difficult to believe that its construction took 20,000 tons of steel and 94,000 cubic yards of concrete. It’s one thing to drive over the bridge to cut across the Bay Area, but it’s quite another to see it from the water! 

Another seaside gem is the hilly neighborhood of La Jolla, offering some of the most picturesque ocean bluffs and beaches in San Diego. You may know it from old Hollywood films, but this hip neighborhood is a bustling spot that you can’t miss when visiting San Diego. Take in its expansive ocean landscapes from the water, then spend some time walking its delightful downtown, also known as The Village. 

Memorable Wildlife Encounters

Not only is San Diego Bay a great spot to enjoy wildlife sightings, but it’s actually one of the most biologically rich counties in the country. With three wildlife preserves along the Bay and another just off the coast, this is an important habitat for a variety of endangered plants and animals, and it offers you the opportunity to get in touch with the wilderness. 

If you’re an avid birdwatcher, you’ll be happy to learn that hundreds of species of migratory and native birds breed, nest, and feed along the Bay, including several endangered species. Bring your binoculars, because you’re in for a treat. Depending on where you decide to explore, you can encounter species like the Belding’s savannah sparrow, light-footed clapper rail, black brant, gadwall, northern pintail, and more. 

If it’s delightful marine mammals you’re looking for, you’ll be charmed by the sea lions and seals that dot the coast. From the beaches of La Jolla to Mission Bay, you can see clusters of these adorable creatures soaking up the sun, barking, wobbling, and swimming. Other marine life species you can see as you explore the Bay include bottlenose dolphins, humpback whales, gray whales, blue whales, and more depending on the season. 

Ready to get out on the water? Now that you know all the stunning sights and wildlife you can encounter as you explore America’s Greatest City by boat, all you need to do is find the perfect tour!

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