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San Francisco Bike Tours & Rentals

Explore San Francisco by Bike - Book Online Now and Save 20%!

Ride Through Parks and Over the Golden Gate Bridge

Did you know that San Francisco is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S.? More and more locals are adopting bicycle travel for getting around the city, and they’ve put together some amazing experiences for out-of-town guests to get to know the area!

If you’re completely new to San Francisco and are looking for a unique activity, join a guided bike tour and ride through parks and over the Golden Gate Bridge. Or, if you’d prefer to create your own adventure, rent a bike and see where the day takes you.


Tour San Francisco on Two Wheels

Summertime in San Francisco is best spent cycling! Our selection of guided bike tours gives you the perfect way to get some exercise while sightseeing. Ride past the famous piers, through Crissy Field and over the Golden Gate Bridge. Along the coast, you can view seabirds, sea lions, and military forts all from the unique vantage point of your bike. Riding with a local is the best way to find those hidden gems and lesser-known neighborhoods that make San Francisco so special.

The best part of taking a San Francisco bike tour or booking a rental is that all ages can participate, and beginner cyclists are always welcome. Choose a classic city bike or ride with a friend on a tandem bicycle. Bring the kids along with children’s bike rentals or get a little extra power from an electric bike to help you tackle the steep city hills.

San Francisco bike rentals come with a map and route recommendations. Popular rides include scenic Hawk Hill with its challenging climbs, Golden Gate Park, known for being beginner-friendly, and Valencia Street, where you can easily stop to check out street art or grab a cup of coffee. Where will your bike rental take you?

Browse San Francisco bike rentals and tours and book online today.

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